Marine Electronics - Sales and Service

Seamaster ApS sells and provides support for a number of the most recognized brands, such as Marport, Sonic Kaijo Denki, Wesmar and KNS.

We perform service and repair on a
wide range of products within
marine electronics.

We also repair, test and sell used equipment and products as an essential part of our business. Repair and testing are carried out in our workshop.

Sea Master staff

What we do at Seamaster ApS

Since 1999, Seamaster has served customers in Maritime Electronics for ships. Our specialty is the sale of new products as well as the repair and service of Radar, Sonar, offshore internet/data, and a number of other maritime technologies.

Products & Brands

We offer products from reputable manufacturers of marine electronics such as, Sonic Kaijo Denki, KNS and Wesmar.
Do you need new systems or services for eg sonar, echo sounders or satellite solutions?. Contact us and hear about the possibilities.
We continuously optimize our solutions and we guarantee high performance, whether it is satellite TV at sea or catch control.

TV, telephony and internet at sea

Using satellite antennas, it’s possible to achieve robust and reliable telephony, internet connection, and TV at sea. At Seamaster, we primarily supply SATCOM products from KNS.

A9 - KU Band

A6 - KU Band

Screenshot of the sonar information

The trawl sonar can display profile, normal net probe, measure depth and temperature.

Trawl sonaren kan vise profil, normal netsonde, måle dybde og temperatur.

Internet, TV and telephony at sea with KNS

Internet, TV og telefoni på havet med en KNS

Marport sensors with measures parameters on the blades.

Marport dør sensore som bl.a. måler parametre på skovlene.