Low-frequency Sonar

Kaijo Denki KCS-5221z is the latest version of low frequency sonars.

KCS 5221z has a brand new processor unit with digital signal processing and greatly enhanced data capacity.
The result is even better drawing of fishing echoes, less noise, better separating ability and increased range

Transmitting frequency of 21 kHz and extremely long detection range due to patented transmitter control in the RDT module.

The bottom equipment and transducer on the KCS-5221z is very durable, which means less chances of expensive transducer damages and less maintenance costs in general.

• New and more advanced filtering technology produces less noise from own and other ships with a cleaner image and better separation of fish.

• The narrow beam of just 7° results in optimized performance and small side lobes, even on shallow water, and with good separation of small echoes.

• 20 times faster, with full stabilization combined with advanced filter technology, eliminates noise and provides clean echoes.

• Patented transmitter technology, RDT provides longer transducer pulse which results in 20% longer range.

• Adjustable frequency.

• 2 independent sonar images with various adjustments for range, filtering and several other parameters.

• 2 independent vertical cross sections.

• Tracking of up to 3 shoals of fish at a time. (Speed and direction)

• You can easily store and retrieve up to 10 separate custom user settings for different situations and types of fish.

• Ability to connect to a common wireless trackball mouse for added ease of use.

• Robust and powerful transducer with a total of 768 transducer elements offering the best possible protection with a stainless steel dome.

• Robust bottom equipment, slip rings that supports the transducer all the way down for longer life and minimal maintenance.

• As with all other Kaijo Denki products, the processor unit is housed in a steel box with no hard drive and no moving parts except for an industrial-grade fan.

• Easy and simple to make a recording, as well as easy sonar image playback.

If you have any questions or are interested in the KCS-5221z sonar please fill out the form and send it to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.