Small sonar for small vessels

The world’s first compact sonar with fully stabilized image in all directions in both transmission and reception.

New 62 kHz 360° sonar, designed specifically for smaller vessels with limited mounting space, but which will still have access to the same technology as the largest sonars have.

The frequency means that the sonar will be suitable for all types of fishing.

Newly developed transducer. 512 transducer elements ensure a unique resolution with a narrow beam width.

Receives on 512 separate channels. It have the same stabilization technology for transmission and reception as in the large sonars.


Same familiar quality as other Sonic Kaijo Sonars with stainless steel transducer.


The trunk is supported by Teflon sliders to ensure stable operation, even if the sonar is lowered at high speed.

If you got any questions or if you are interrested in the KCS-60 sonar, then fill out the form and send it to us, and we will get back to you as quick as possible.