KNS satellit TV

KNS satellite TV is a new quality product from SeaMaster. This series of satellite systems is perfected by identifying the sattelite digitally. Thus avoiding tracking a wrong satellite. Improved technology improves coverage area . Antennas can be delivered in sizes 45 cm, 60 cm, 85 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm and 300 cm. Contact us for more information.


V-Sat system at high Quality yet lowest cost.

Flatrate from 1890 DKK per month (512kbps).

Other KNS products

A Series (Internet and Phone)
A6 - Ku
A9 - Ku
A10 - Ku
A12 - Ku
A Series Spareparts
A Series Sparepart Kit
C Series (Internet and Phone)
Z Series MK2 (Internet and Phone)
Z4MK2 - Ku
Z6MK2 - Ku
Z7MK2 - Ku
Z8MK2 - Ku
Z10MK2 - Ku
Z12MK2 - Ku
Z15MK2 - Ku
Z24MK2 - C
Z Series MK3 (Internet and Phone)
Z6MK3 - Ka
Z7MK3(with Shock) - Ku
Z7MK3 - Ku
Z8MK3 - Ku
Z10MK3 - Ka
Z10MK3 - Ku
Z12MK3 - Ku
Z15MK3 - Ku
Z Series MK4 (Internet and Phone)
Z10MK4 - Ka
Z Series Spareparte
Z Series Sparepart Kit MK2
Z Series Sparepart Kit MK3
S Series (TV)
S4 - Ku
S6 - Ku
S8 - Ku
S10 - Ku
S12 - Ku
S Serien Reservedele
S Serien Reservedels Kit
K Series (TV)
K4 - Ku
K5 - Ku
K7 - Ku
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