Split Beam Echosounder

The Sonic Kaijo Denki KSE-310 echosounder can see fish size and biomass. The sonar has a transducer with 144 elements and receives in 15 separate overlapping sectors.
In practice, this contributes to the most accurate indication of fish size and biomass.
The resolution has been increased by another 50% compared to the previous model for even better separation of small echoes close to the bottom.
The KSE-310 is most frequently sold with the powerful 38 kHz split beam transducer from Sonic Kaijo, which provides good range without sacrificing too much separation. An increasing number of weights are also available in the following combinations of split beams: 38 and 70 kHz, 38 and 120 kHz and 70 and 120 kHz.
70 kHz split beam has been found to work well at relatively large depths.

• The fishery version uses a patented method to accurately calculate fish size and biomass.

• Now also with the calibration menu for calibration against, among other things, the Institute of Marine Research’s calibration ball, which has been tested to work in practice.

• Fish size or biomass is read from any area of the screen.

• Fish size or biomass is presented in 1, 2 or 3 odd fish size windows.

• The frequency difference method compares 2 frequencies, the data is compared and separate shoals of fish, which are displayed in separate windows.

• The transducer has 144 elements and 15 rays, giving users the best indication of fish size and a very high resolution of the image.

• Can show haddock over the bottom due to high resolution and good separation.

• Is good for separating bottom conditions and has their own screen for bottom hardness.

• Own output for displaying bottom conditions on Olex plotter with HT module

• Recordings with long sequences with the desired number of pings per second. The image can easily be forwarded for presentation of hours / days of events.

• Recordings are saved as JPG files on USB stick or USB hard drive and can easily be shared with other ships.

• Recording RAW files is also easy, all information is recorded and during playback Gain, filtering etc. can be adjusted.

• Up to 5 presentations simultaneously, 4 different frequencies + echoes using the frequency difference method.

• Split Beam frequencies 38, 70 and 120 kHz. Single Beam frequencies 15, 24, 50, 75 and 200 kHz. It can present 3 Split Beam frequencies simultaneously.

• Easy access to all features with original controls with quick and programmable buttons and wireless trackball mouse.

• Very easy to use, easily accessible adjustments and menus with large and easy to read graphics.

• Very robust transducers and generally high reliability.

• Stable processor unit in steel enclosure without hard drive and moving parts.

• Optional screen size, 2 independent screen outputs. Portions of content on one screen can be dragged to the other.

If you have any questions or are interested in the KSE-310 echosounder, please fill out the form and send it to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.