Catch sensors

Marports new sensor A1 is fully compatible with "Scanmar's" range of sensors. 

All sensors have a very long batterylife and they are fully programmable via Bluetooth.

New combined sensor for Marport / Scanmar and Wesmar / Simrad / Imaginex trawlsonars. Can also send depth / temperature and pitch / roll. All sensor numbers can be changed with bluetooth.

Shovel sensors

Distance sensors with very long battery life. All sensors are with depth / temperature and pitch / roll. All sensors are high quality - fully serviceable.

Max depth for all sensors is 1200m.

Net / Tunnel sensor

Compact trawl eye with choice of frequency in the range 110khz to 200khz. Mid- to deepwater version with high resolution and shallow water version with reduced resolution.

Seine version with vertical sounder as well as down sounder in the same unit.

Marport Scala

The Scala software includes interface for marports wireless netsounder wich kan be combined with sensors in the same display.

Two monitors can also be configured for simultaneus use.

The 3D display of sensor data is self explaining.

Marport Scala Screenshots

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Read more about Marport sensors.
Read more about Marport sensors.