Catch sensors

Marport's new sensor series A1 is fully compatible with scanmar's series of sensors. All sensors have a very long battery life.

New combi quantity sensor sends signal to Marport / Scanmar and Wesmar / Simrad / Imaginex Trawl sonar. Can also send depth / temperature and pitch / roll.

You can change boat code and more on all sensors. Marport quality sensors with the largest selection on the market.
Distance sensors with very long operating time. All sensors have built-in depth, temperature
and pitch / roll. The sensors are of high quality and very reliable.

In addition, all sensors are very service-friendly.

Max depth for all sensors is 1200m.
Compact net sounder / tunnel sounder with optional frequency (110khz - 200khz) which can be delivered in several variants.

One version is adapted to fishing in deep water, another version is adapted to fishing in shallow water while a third version is specially adapted for seine fishing and has a built-in down-sounder and vertical sounder which looks into the net.
Scala is software for displaying sensor data / wireless net probe image. The sensors can be displayed in various ways, including a single 3D image.

The software can also be set up for 2 screens. Scala can also be integrated with game control, anemometers, gyro data and much more.
Marport Scala can be set up according to the individual customer's needs.

Marport Scala only comes with English language setup.

Marport Scala Screenshots

Sensor charger
MacMini Sensor Computer
HD Trawl Explorer
Trawl Explorer
Temperature / Depth Sensor
Rip Sensor
Seine Explorer
Afstands sensorer
Trawl Speed Sensor
Grid Sensor
Active Hydrophone
Passive Hydrophone
Read more about Marport sensors.
Read more about Marport sensors.
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