Sonic KCH-5180
High frequency Sonar

Sonic KCH-5180 is suitable for all kinds of fish, but is specially recognized by our customers as the mackerel sonar, providing catch despite difficult sonar conditions. Our customers also recognize the use of the Sonic KCH-5180 for tough fishing in shallow waters.

This sonar has been sold to over 70 vessels in Europe with great feedback.

  • The range is 600-900 meters for saithe and mackerel fish.   
  • The bottom is robust with high reliability. 
  • It can be tilted 90⁰ and has a beam width of 4⁰.
  • Mechanical tilt and rotation maintain the same signal strength wherever is pointing with minimal side lobes
  • It’s good in shallow water (Cool fishing)
  • Has a 90⁰ slope. (Can be used as an echo sounder with 180⁰).
  • Has 164 kHz frequency, giving you the best separation in the market. 
  • Robust transducer and bottom equipment
  • Swings are protected by a “Heavy Duty” Rubber dome.

Sonic KCH-5180 sonar offers the following improvements over the previous model:

New processor unit for better filtering, faster screen refresh and higher resolution.

Improved control panel with added functions and shortcuts.

Automatic tracking of shoals of fish.

Connectivity to wireless trackball mouse. 

If you have an older version of a Denki high frequency sonar, contact us for a quotation of an upgrade to the latest model.