KCS 5221z
Low frequency Sonar

Sonic KCS 5221z  is the latest edition of low frequency sonars.

It has a new processor unit with digital signal processing and improved data capacity.
As a result; less noise, better drawing of fishing echoes and increased range.

Sonic KCS 5221z characteristics:

  • This sonar transmits frequency of 21kHz. Long detection range due to the patented transmitter control in RDT module. 
  • Durable bottom equipment and transducer. Lower maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Advance filter technology decreases noise and provides a clearer image.
  • The 7° narrow beam results in optimized performance and small side lobes.
  • The sonar is 20 times faster, full stabilization in combination with the advance filter technology,  provides full echoes.
  •  Longer transducer pulse resulting on an increase of 20% range.
  • Adjustable frequency.
  • Tracking: up to 3 fishing hours (Speed and direction).
  • Connectivity with wireless trackball mouse.
  • Store up to 10 custom user settings for different situations and types of fish.
  • Transducer with as many as 768 elements, protected with a dome in stainless steel.
  • As all Kaijo Denki products, the processor unit is housed in a steel box without hard drive or moving parts, except of an industrial grade fan.