High & Intermediate frequency Sonar

Sonic KCS-5885z is the latest version of high and intermediate frequency sonars.

This sonar has a newly developed processor unit, with digital signal processing and improved data capacity. The result is better drawing of fishing echoes, less noise, more separation, and increased range.

Sonic KCS-5885z characteristics:

  • 94 kHz omni sonar, suitable for all kinds of fish.
  • Same robust construction as on previous models, guaranteeing long product life and minimal operational costs.
  • Advance filter technology; decreasing noise and providing a clear image. 
  • 960 transducer elements and 960 receiver channels.
  • Narrow jet provides superb performance in shallow waters.
  • Separates echoes close to the bottom.
  • 2 independent sonar images with adjustments for range, filtering and other several parameters.
  • Estimates biomass of the school of fish.
  • 2 independent vertical cross sections.
  • Tracking of up to 3 fishing hours simultaneously (speed and direction).
  • Save 10 different customize user settings for different situations and fish species.
  • Easy recording and playback of sonar images.
  • Protection against vibrations and damage, equipped with resistant rubber dome. Overall a robust bottom equipment.
  • Connectivity to wireless trackball mouse.