Split Beam Echo Sounder

Sonic KSE-310 echo sounder can see fish size and biomass. The sonar has a transducer with 144 elements and receives in 15 separate overlapping sectors. In practice, this contributes to the most accurate indication of fish size and biomass. 

The resolution is increased by a further 50% compared to the previous model for even better separation of small echoes and fish close to the bottom. KSE-310 is most often sold together with the powerful 38 kHz split beam transducer from Sonic Kaijo Denki, which provides good range without sacrificing too much separation.

An increased number of weights are also available in the following combinations of split beam: 38 and 70 kHz, 38 and 120 kHz and 70 and 120 kHz.
70 kHz split beam has been shown to work well at relatively large depths.

Sonic Kaijo Denki KSE-310 characteristics:
  • The fish version uses a patented method to accurately calculate fish size and biomass.
  • Calibration menu.
  • Fish size or biomass is presented in 1, 2, or 3 odd fish size windows.
  • The transducer has 144 elements and 15 beams, giving the user indication of size in a high resolution image.
  • Split Beam frequencies 38, 70, and 120 kHz. Single Beam frequencies 15, 24, 50, 75, and 200 kHz. It can present 3 Split Beam frequencies simultaneously.
  • Programmable quick buttons and wireless trackball mouse.
  • User friendly display, buttons, and menu.
  • Highly reliable robust transducer. 
  •  Stable processor unit in steel case without moving parts.