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Wesmar has been one of the leading marine technology companies since 1965

Wesmar’s great success is partly due to the fact that the company is constantly working to develop and improve within 3 major product areas, sonar, ship stabilization and bow screws.

Marport designs and manufactures catch control and net monitoring sensors, echo sounders, ocean current meters and sonars for the world fishing fleet.

They offer development assistance to the leading companies that can make use of their competencies.
Marport is leading the consumer to increase their efficiency, reduce waste, and improve their catch quality.
Sonic Kaijo Denki develops sonar devices which are used around the world.

Their sonar units are made with the well-known Japanese quality control. We service, repair and replace all models.
For almost 2 decades, KNS has serviced customers worldwide with high quality products, good customer service, and a leading technical support.

Their products continue to challenge the harshest environments in the world, and they continue to develop and improve their systems so that consumers can ensure stable communication.
Nauticast specializes in AIS technology (Automatic Identification Systems).
The product range covers Class A and Class B systems with associated software solutions.

Their specialized team handles sales, service, and repairs as well as software development and programming.

With a global network of partners, they can provide a comprehensive service and deliver the most modern solutions to their customers.
This mounting bracket was developed by us and helps to dampen screen vibrations.